Monday, May 19, 2008

Bon Scott

I've been starting to appreciate AC/DC's originally singer more and more these days.

Back in my teen years, I always preferred the Scott AC/DC material to the Johnson material - I thought it was because it was more raw, and that may be true.

I came across Scott's band before AC/DC (at least, one of them) - Fraternity. I had some trouble believing it was him, on this song, Seasons of Change (now removed from youtube!), and also Jupiter's Landscapes.
Clearly, this is a guy who can sing, and who can do quite a bit with his voice..

Which is why it's so interesting that he eventually chose such a raw sound, as shown here in T.N.T. What's so interesting about him is that he knew when _not_ to sing, something that a lot of 'skilled' singers never really figured out.
Also, check out his range on Touch Too Much. (Another cool thing about Touch Too Much is how there's no bass until the chorus - a very nice effect)

just for kicks, check out some really early Bon: The Valentines : Build Me Up Buttercup.

also just for kicks, check out Spongebob's version of T.N.T.

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